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Mont-Blanc / France 4,807m
Tour Ronde / North Face + Gervasutti Couloir
Aiguille de l'M
Traverse Midi - Plan

<< Matterhorn / Switzerland 4,478m. Also called Cervin.
Climbed this one with a neighbor friend - Pascal Aruta - and two Chamonix guides.
The Northeast ridge looks straightforward from a distance but it gets confusing as you get upclose as there are a few "gendarmes" which must be circum-navigated. A fantastic climb: 14hrs from the hut to the summit and back.

North America

Mount Mac Kinley /Denali. US 20,320ft ( 6,200m ) Twenty one days, four people under the leadership of Brian Okonek. We all summited. As of 2015 the name of Mt Mckinley is officially Denali. Located in the Alaska Range
Mount Hood 11,240 feet (3,430 m) with friend Jeff D. First on top that morning since we had camped high the night before.
Mount Rainier 14,411 ft (4,392 m) with Jeff.
Mount Adams (Failed / lost)
Humphrey's peak Arizona. 12,633ft . Solo ascent. Silence and solitude on this spectacular day.
Mount Baxter also known as Katahdin. Maine's "walk in the woods".
Ixtaccihuatl. Mexico 5,230m
Pico de Orizaba / Citlatepetl. Mexico

South America

Cotopaxi. Ecuador 5,897m (Failed / weather)
Pichincha. Ecuador 4,784m

El Misti. Peru 5,822m (Failed / weather)


Kilimanjaro. Tanzania 5,895m
Nyiragongo. Democratic Republic of Congo 3,470m


Climbing with friends in China: 辽宁大冒山
Wuhai / 内蒙乌海山

Mountains to climb in China.