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O beautiful for spacious skies

My first airline job consisted in flying a temperamental snub nosed Jetstream airplane demanding my utmost attention, rain or shine, to keep the blue on top of the attitude indicator. That was back before the "nine eleven armageddon" and my employer - Midway Airlines / Corporate Express - was apparently unaware of the existence of auto-pilots.

Earlier I had flown for a "cargo on demand" gig - Ram Air Freight - a job which consisted in making the owners rich while we often flew by the seat of our pants in order to bring the loot to the client. Many were the days and nights when I experienced the thrill anxiety and satisfaction of single pilot IFR on the eastern coast of the US. Set my infamous ground speed record of 246 knots in a Baron 58 during a night-time flight pockmarked with convective activity. This Ram Air Freight busines was like a club and anyone who spent any time there is now a forever member of a unique and revered brotherhood of pilots.

I definitely earned my wings flight instructing out of KLZH in North Carolina because it's by teaching others that I became a much better pilot.

2 degrees south latitude: Goma DRC, Africa

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As captain on a C208B based in Goma a large town located the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo I conducted
humanitarian flights for NGOs such as Doctors Without Borders contracting with
Air Serv International for logistics in the field.

This work was challenging due to the poor aviation infrastructure and the unstable politics of this country Of this assignment I retain many rewarding moments that have impacted my view on life. Sometimes I wanted to ask airport personel to tell local people not to walk on runways. One day I saw a picture of lions "pawsing" under the wing of an airplane... Indeed I was in Africa.

Les Collines Where lions roam free ...
Goma Student Fund : Helping children in the DR Congo.

The Middle Empire

Training Airline Pilot Cadets at Beijing Panam Academy. Now that was definitely a change of scenery. Essentially going from Jurassic park to the Gengis Khan empire.

泛美航校 In early 2007 a major foreign investment was injected into the development of a local flight training base for Chinese airline cadets located in Wuhai Regional Airport (ICAO abbrev. "ZBUH"). Low levels of pollution and relatively fair weather/visibility factors allowed flight training approximately 300 days per year. The arrival of Beijing Panam International Aviation Academy also laid a foundation for the first ever foreign community in Wuhai, composed mostly of foreign Flight Instructors from various ICAO countries.

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Now training at Gojet airlines.

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